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Innovative horizons for sustainable developments.

The circular economy at the service of microtechnology

Building further on its responsible ethos, our company, a pioneer in the transformation of fully recycled and recyclable raw materials, was recently accredited in accordance with the strict DIN and CE standards.

To meet the needs of modern society without jeopardising those of future generations, PANATERE, a major player in the watch industry, has focussed on a sustainable solution. Our fully recycled and recyclable stainless steel productions combine short supply chains with a circular economy, with no half-measures.

For the first time in this sector, our production of biocomponents is part of “Circular Economy Switzerland” movement. The results reflect a substantial reduction in the carbon footprint during stainless steel production.

PANATERE teamed up with forty or so key partners to secure this achievement in our transformation process. Each one meets a strict set of specifications in order to ensure collective success on a human scale within a positive circular economy.


«The circular economy could enable Europe to generate a net benefit of €1.8 trillion by 2030, i.e. €900 billion more than following the current economic model

Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation

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