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Presentation of Panatere

A ‘panatère’, in the regional dialect, is a type of wicker basket used by peasants to collect their harvest and hold their precious fruit. Similarly, PANATERE collects scrap from the production of watch and medical components to give it a second – equally precious – life.

PANATERE has been based in Saignelégier, Switzerland since 2012. It uses a highly sophisticated process to recover and transform scrap raw material, enabling it to be fully recycled, primarily into biocomponents which are themselves 100% recyclable.

PANATERE is part of “Circular Economy Switzerland” movement, combining short supply chain production with a circular economy to offer a responsible and sustainable solution. To realize its vision of a cleaner future, the company is planning to install a regional industrial solar furnace to produce energy with a carbon footprint approaching zero.

PANATERE SA acquired WISER SA in 2012, safeguarding the future of its expertise in watch case production. The development of “Private Label” projects means PANATERE can now expand its offer


«PANATERE is able to make sustainable development and the circular economy accessible to watch brands and jewelry.»

Georges C.

This Swiss company produces complete timepieces for fine watch manufacturers. This service bolsters PANATERE‘s expertise in industrialisation and technical skills adapted to the constantly evolving markets.

A sustainable, positive and ethical economy coupled with high-level innovation that eschews half-measures, defines our corporate culture.

PANATERE devotes a large part of its resources to researching and developing new materials. These socially-responsible investments enable new economical, environmentally-friendly finishes to be developed by combining short supply chains with a circular economy.

These social and environmental objectives mean nothing unless we place people at the heart of our concerns. This is why we are developing an inclusive market economy in partnership with numerous institutions that help those facing life challenges to get back on their feet. We have created dozens of jobs through dedicated mandates.

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