Solar oven for the recycling of stainless steel and titanium from the Swiss watch industry.


The first patent relates to the methodology of sorting by grade of production offcuts, chips or pieces of alloys (stainless steel or titanium).

This invention describes the phases necessary for the 100% recycling of machined parts that generate waste to be treated by a specific channel deployed in a short circuit.

The handling of this “raw material” from recycling has been the subject of a 5-year development to master the recipes for environmentally responsible transformation.

The primary melting process (also patented) is carried out by capturing sunlight and transforming it into heat, using a concentrated solar furnace specially developed to ensure industrial production in our latitudes.

This process, initially dedicated to watchmaking and medical applications, required a very demanding elimination of the slag under vacuum.

The inclusionary cleanliness required by the anti-allergen and biocompatible certifications allowed us to produce simpler alloys for personalized needs.

To avoid the addition of compensation minerals, we have also patented our polishability and machining tests by successively recycling the same material 8 times without loss of performance.


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Kenneth E. Boulding

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